Intermediate School

Welcome to the Hornell Intermediate School

Hornell Intermediate School

71 Buffalo St.
Hornell, NY 14843

Sean Gaffney

Main Office: (607)324-1304

Nurse (607)324-3989
Guidance: (607)324-6665
Doors Open at 8:00am Dismissal at 3:00pm

Sean Gaffney, Interim Principal

Sean Gaffney, Principal

Welcome to the Hornell Intermediate School! Our building houses approximately 550 students in grades 3rd through 6th. We are blessed to have a tremendous staff that focuses on our remarkable students and their different learning styles and needs.

The instrumental music department offers 4th, 5th, and 6th grade band instruction and lessons, as well as instruction for specialty groups such as our brass ensemble, percussion and clarinet groups. Our choral department offers 4th, 5th and 6th grade choir and directs the Hornell Intermediate School musical every year. The art department offers classes in numerous media forms and hosts the K-6 Art Show every spring here at our school.

As for extracurricular activities, we have an awesome ski, soccer, swimming and wrestling programs for our students. Our building also houses the district swimming pool which gives our students the opportunity to learn how to swim during their physical education classes throughout their years here.

Odyssey of the Mind is an important extracurricular activity that we have reinstated in the Intermediate School for 2010-11 at the 6th grade level. It is a great opportunity for our students to "strut their academic stuff" and compete with school districts across the state. There are academic competitions that are project-based and present real-life problems for students to solve. These competitions are wonderful ways to connect with the world outside our walls. We hope to expand to this activity to 3rd-5th grade students in the future.

Hornell Intermediate School is very proud of the wonderful parents, guardians and community members who support our programs and our kids….all of which helps lead to student success. That is our main goal, along with helping our students become good citizens, contributing members of society and lifelong learners. It is a great place to go to school! Please come and visit us.

A little bit of school history...

What is now the Intermediate School, was originally built as a high school.

This is an old postcard depicting the High School and the Court House.

The building hasn't changed very much on the outside!

This used to be the main entrance to the school before the 4 lane highway (Rt. 36) was brought through town.

This is an addition of classrooms and a gym.

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