"superbia ob pulsos sursos"

We lost a big part of our heart today.

We miss you, Coach Rosica!

November 30, 2017

Team Sectional Championships

Outdoor 1985 Class B (Boys) Outdoor 2004 Class B (Boys)
Outdoor 1999 Class B (Boys) Outdoor 2005 Class B (Boys & Girls)
Outdoor 2001 Class B (Boys) Outdoor 2007 Class B (Boys & Girls)
Indoor 2001 Class B (Boys) Outdoor 2011 Class B (Girls)
Indoor 2003 Class B (Boys)

State Champions

Peter Manktelow: 2006 Outdoor Division 2 1500m

Will Grinstead: 2005 Outdoor Division 2 400m and 100m hurdles

Shawn Clancy: 2003 Outdoor Division 2 Pentathlon

National Champion

Carl Mauro: 1995 Outdoor Two Mile (1st Team All-American)