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                        6th Grade Moving Up Day Celebration     

                                    Video Yearbook of Class of 2024

June 8 WRRS Check out WRRS this week!  We have shout outs from Mrs. McAneney, Mrs. Rose, Ms. Browne and Ms. Buckley.  See some pictures and video of Lain Farms Battle, the I AM cam and a little more Hornell trivia. 

June 1 WRRS Here's this week's WRRS!  We have shout outs from Mrs. Kuhn, Mrs. Kilbury and the PE department.  Check out the PE video too!  The latest ticket count and winners of the respect, responsibility and safety drawings too!  Don't forget the I AM cam with Mrs. Fridmann!

May 24 WRRS  Check out this week's WRRS!  We have an exclusive with author Kate Messner!  There are shout outs from Mrs. Smith, mrs. Ashworth and Mrs. Hahn. See who was caught on the I Am Cam this week!

Kate Messner - author came to our school!

May 18 WRRS - The Railroad is here! a little bit of Hornell history, Shout Outs from Ms. Monoson, Mrs. Hillman and Mr. Jones, check out  SAVE club, I AM cam, and the newest prize winners and ticket count.

May 11 WRRS - check out a little bit of Hornell History, Shout Outs from Mrs. Finch, Mrs. Zigenfus, Mrs. Burritt and Miss Hazard, see the recap video of the Special Olympics, I Am cam, the poster winners of the I Am contest and see the cool timeline that the 5th grade students created!

May 4 WRRS - Check out more Hornell Trivia, Shout Outs from Mrs. Fridmann, Miss Dunning, Miss Canty, and Mrs. Thompson, check out the school surprise and look at the 5th grade visit to the water filtration plant!

April 19 WRRS- WRRS is ready for you! Check out some more Hornell trivia, Shout Outs from Mrs. Aini, Mrs. Andrus, Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Walter, take a peek at the music dept. Cabaret. See who got caught on the I AM Cam! We are Red Raider Strong.

April 13 WRRS - WRRS is ready for YOU! Check out the Shout Outs from Mr. Scholes, Mrs. Flaitz, Mrs. Woolever and Mrs. Hopper. Find out who was caught on the I AM cam this week and check out the new series about interesting facts about Hornell.

April 6 WRRS - PE Shout Outs and see who got caught on the I Am Cam this week!

March 29 WRRS - Look back at the challenge assembly and an interview with the students who went to the Alfred State Science Fair

The 2nd Challenge Assembly!

March 16 WRRS - Your latest in Intermediate School News - hat day - Sugary beverages with Mrs. Larkin - respect responsiblity safety winners - and find out about THE CHALLENGE!

March 8 WRRS - WRRS this week we start a good nutrition series (germs) with Mrs. Larkin, do an interview with the Mayor Buckley, find out the latest Respect Responsibility Safety winners and hear about the challenge next week!

March 2 WRRS - WRRS this week celebrates the winter Olympics with ski club clips, find out the newest ticket count and the latest Respect Responsiblity and Safety winners.

February 16 WRRS - WRRS shows off our Intermediate School Drumline, the February PE video and the PE and Respect Responsibilty Safety winners.  We are Red Raider Strong!

February 9 WRRS - WRRS features this week a look back at the play!  We also have an updated ticket count.  Check it out!

February 2 WRRS - WRRS will feature review of the hygiene lessons learned, Red Carpet Field Trip with Alfred University Art students and a special interview with Mr. Gaffney about the ticket count.

January 25 WRRS - WRRS will feature the last hygiene lesson of the series, who is the PE students of the month, a human interest story about a bottle that traveled to PA  and an interview with some of the cast of the Wizard of Oz. 

January 19 WRRS edition - Find out the newest ticket count and who our newest winners of the respect, responsibility and safety drawings are.  this edition also includes the 3rd good hygiene lessons by Mrs. Larkin.  Keeping your clothes clean.

January 12 WRRS edition -   This edition also includes the 2nd good hygiene lessons by Mrs. Larkin.  Brushing your teeth and using deodorant. 

January 5 WRRS edition - We are starting off the year with a clean start.  Watch Mrs. Larkin's 1st of 4 lessons on good hygiene.

December 21 WRRS edition - This edition includes the December PE video and this month's PE winners, congratulations to the chorus and band concerts and also the Level 4 on the state test celebration breakfast for students and their parents.

December 15 WRRS edition - This week includes newest winners of the Respect Responsiblity and Safety drawings, Pennies for Paws and a look back at the Pool Challenge!

The First Challenge Assembly!                 The Pool Challenge- Dive Into Learning

December 1 WRRS edition - It's the November PE video time and who showed courage in PE AND find out the adults that will be participating in the first challenge!

November 17 WRRS edition - Find out all about the 1st challenge!

November 9 WRRS edition - Find out the latest Respect-Responsiblity-Safety winners, a special interview with Mrs. Larkin, see how a Kendama is made and watch her compete!

November 3 WRRS edition - A look back at the dental program last week and a special interview with Mr. Palotti our school superindentent.

October 27 WRRS edition - Thank you Hornell School Board, Mrs. Hahn's volcano lesson, PE look at October/ winners for the month and the respect, responsiblity, safety winners

October 19 WRRS edition - Throwback Thursday!  A look at a No Bully video made by current 8th graders when they were in 5th grade and a look at Mrs. Thompson's 6th grade Science

October 13 WRRS edition - features a look at Family Swim Night, results of our Pennies for Paws, and who won the Respect, Responsiblity and Safety drawings

October 6 WRRS edition - features Garcia's Barbershop community partner, logo contest reveal, poem contest.... your poem about respect, responsibility and safety will be put to music!

September 29 WRRS edition- featuring Mrs. Kuhn and Boxtops, PE September video, PE student of the month and winners of the first Respect-Responsiblity-Safe drawing!

September 22 WRRS edition - featuring Mrs. Kuhn and Pennies for Paws and information about the family swim in October

September 15 WRRS edition- featuring new logo contest, get to know Miss Smith our our new guidance  counselor                

classroom expectations                                                      

1st day of school assembly                         Mr. Gaffney explains this year's theme





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