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         Beginning of the School Year Welcome Assembly                          


January 18 - This week’s WRRS we will be learning about Lincoln and stopping in Illinois.  We will see where homerooms are on our map, check out the progress on our construction projects, find out who won the Respect Responsibility and Safety drawing and a shout out from Mr. Jones to his 6th graders.

January 11 - This week’s WRRS will continue to cover our journey across the US (with an extra surprise from Mr. Gaffney.)  This week’s stop is at Laura Ingalls Wilder’s birthplace in Wisconsin.  Mrs. Kuhn gives us an update on the Pennies for Paws project, check out the pictures for the Challenge Green  Eggs and Ham breakfast and of course the I AM cam with Mrs. Fridmann.

December 21 - WRRS this week lands us in Minnesota to learn about Paul Bunyon and Blue his Ox, we find out where all the homerooms are on the map, a book review by Mrs. Burritt’s class and the PE video of the month and All-Stars are announced.  Check it out!

December 14 - This week’s WRRS includes Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, a look at the Intermediate School Map homeroom journey, information about the new modified girls volleyball, a special interview with Dr. Mehr and What we could give the world with Mrs. Fridmann.

Roosevelt National Park  check out about the park 

December 7 - We are at Mt. Rushmore today on our journey. Where is everyone else?  Find out here on WRRS.  Congratulations to the winners of the Hornell Public Library essay contest, find out what's behind the construction in the front of the school. 

Responsibility video 

November 30 WRRS - We are at Mesa Verde today on our journey, where will we be next?  Mrs. Kuhn will tell us about Operation Snoopy, it's time for PE video of the month, and PE student of the month too.  The big reveal on what homerooms made it to Mesa Verde or beyond to get a prize!  Find out who it will be!

November 16 WRRS - Continue on the journey across the US with us.  We make a stop at the Grand Canyon and find out the next stop.  Congratulations to the Respect Responsiblity and Safety winners this week too!

November 9 WRRS - WRRS this week include another update on our travels across the US, information about Area 51, congratulations to Carleigh Woodworth, and the Grateful Cam with Mrs. Fridmann!

November 2 WRRSWRRS this week includes another update on our travels across the US, information about Alcatraz, a message from Mrs. Hopper and Miss Smith about Aladdin the musical, Project STOP, winners of the Respect Responsibility and Safety and the PE of the month students. We are Red Raider Strong!

October PE Video of the Month  coming soon!

October 26 WRRS - A Spooky WRRS  You won't want to miss this week's WRRS. WHOOO! Check out the race across the US updates, a look at Arch National Park, the I AM cam and a special feature, showing how we made our heads float!

October 18 WRRS This week see who is ahead in the race across the US, learn about Yellowstone National Park, who is the winners of the logo contest, the winners of the respect - responsiblity - safety drawing and shout outs from Mrs. Flaitz and Mrs. Walter's classes!

October 12 WRRS - see who is ahead in our journey across the US, learn about Little Bighorn, Shout out to Ms. Fortin's art show, winter coat drive information, and an exclusive interview with Ms. Clark WETM meteorologist. 

October 5 WRRS - update on our journey across the US, learn about the Space Needle, special interview with Sue's Warriors and even a book review from Mrs. Burritt's class!  

September 28 WRRS - includes breaking news on the tickets, first homerooms to reach a destination, Mrs. Bailey has some news on getting caught, PE video and character of the month.

September 14 WRRS - includes a look at where we are starting our journey across the US, Hollywood, California - the WRRS logo contest                                                            

September 21 WRRS - includes a look at the Golden Gate Bridge our first stop on our cross country journey, the I AM Cam, a look at the past week theme days and an interview with Mr. Cardamone our new Dean of Students.


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