• North Hornell & Bryant Schools

    The North Hornell and Bryant School Vocal/General Music Program includes approximately 540 Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 3 students. Each class has 40-45 minutes of music instruction per week. Mrs. Schierer’s goal is to instill in students basic, age appropriate music skills, including singing on pitch, playing instruments with a steady beat, rhythmic accuracy, and reading simple notation--ultimately building a strong foundation for music literacy and technique. 

    Mrs. Schierer’s curriculum is increasingly Orff-Schulwerk based, a method of music pedagogy that promotes “hands-on” and holistic learning through singing, playing instruments, and moving. Her philosophy allows for a selective mixture of popular music pedagogy methods, drawing the most effective components from each of them. 

    In addition to instructing her music classes, Mrs. Schierer conducts several concerts each year, generally one for each grade level. Her students also perform during special school-wide assemblies and other events. During the concerts the students sing, move, and sometimes play instruments to showcase the skills they have learned from music class. Especially at the 2nd and 3rd Grade levels, many students are selected for special roles and small ensembles.

    At HCSD, the North Hornell and Bryant School Music Program is the first step in a cohesive Pre-K through Grade 12 Performing Arts Program. This portion of the program is essential for forming the “building blocks” (skills and techniques) that will carry students toward musical excellence into High School and beyond!