What is an elementary school counselor?
    A school counselor is a certified educational professional dedicated to the academic, social, and personal success of the students.
    How do I connect my child to a school counselor?
    You can call, email, or visit your school’s counselor anytime with any concerns, questions, or to refer your child for services
    What does an elementary school counselor do?
    An elementary school counselor provides a myriad of services. Here is a list of the services:
    • Individual Counseling
    • Small Group Counseling
    • Play Therapy
    • Class Meetings
      • Olweus Anti-Bullying Prevention
      • Second Step Social-Emotional Skill Learning
      • Character Trait Educatoin
    • Social Skills Training
    • Skill Building on Self-Control, Emotional Regulation, Coping Strategies, Attention
    • Behavioral Assessment and Observation
    • Referrals and coordination to community resources and programs
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Student Support
    • Parent and Family Education

    What issues does an elementary school counselor deal with?
    An elementary school counselor deals with a variety issues such as:
    Social Skills  
    Self Control
    Anger Management       
    Conflict Resolution 
    Emotion Regulation  
    Paying Attention
    Friendship Skills
    Family Issues                
    Coping Skills                 
    What about confidentiality?
    The issues discussed by your child with the school counselor are confidential. This means that information will not be shared with others who are not involved in the care and/or treatment of the child without informed consent by the parent and/or guardian. Please know, however, that a school counselor is required to report any issues of abuse or neglect.